David Darcy has been coined as a Neo-Abstract Expressionist for this immense work depicting intense abstractions that can be contemplative expanses that draw the eye. But when talking to David he has stated this was further from the truth. David has stated he is an experimental artist leaning towards the Avant-guard. Each painting or piece is a thought bomb encaged by the canvas. They are not abstracts or expressionist painting, they merely are.


He is known for combining contemporary methods with the urban street movement or the Neo-expressionist. His work is intended to capture humanity marked by the movement of space, encasing equal parts of sensation and inquiry, rooted in mid-motion gestures. The palette and forms shift freely according to content and mood. Movement and line express desire and vitality as well as essence/existence point of departure from the philosophical.


David’s approach to the paint medium emboldens his non-traditional methods, confirming a commitment to his favourable visual and philosophical point of departure. His adoption of chance operations and other experimentations supported endless lines of inquiry.

Art Dealer

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BA (HONS) Fine Art. Edith Cowan University 1998

MFA Fine Art & Art Management. Edith Cowan University 2002


BSc Mathematics. Canterbury & Christchurch University 2008

MSc Mathematics Canterbury & Christchurch University 2012